This weekend I finished reading “The Leaderless Revolution”

by Carne Ross. I still don’t know what to make of it. I was left feeling vaguely disappointed. The final chapter seems to be a plug for his independent diplomacy company (not for profit). He gives exhaustive and exhausting examples to back up his argument but which don’t hang together as a whole. he relentlessly explains his background and how he came to see the light. He tries hard to distinguish anarchism from anarchy, which might be useful for some. He comes up with a series of examples of successful actions but, once again, these do not hang together.

I personally think the book would have been clearer as a set of essays: How I became disillusioned with diplomacy, why anarchism could work, how the idea of the nation state is outmoded, examples of agency rather than “representation.” Instead, Carne Ross delivers a mish mash of all of these throughout the book.

But despite these criticisms, reading this book has made me think again, about my politics, the actions I do and don’t take. I have often been accused of being a middle class liberal by those who want a total revolution. A total (and successful) revolution is not something I can envisage. But step by step, influencing one person, taking control of what I do, the means are the ends- that I can do. actsThis book did remind me of these simple facts.