Sunday evening clouds.

On twitter, earlier, I mentioned we had variable weather here in La Creuse. Just to back this up- these photos were taken at the same time; the 1st to  the left of our balcony, the 2nd to the right…

La Creuse at Aubusson 12/08/14

Abstract: Sunday Gorse.

Seascape to abstract.



(I am using Pixlr to create a series of abstract images from original photos. I hope the abstract contains a hint of the original..

Originally posted, August 2012. More to follow.

Incredibly naive view of Israel v Gaza.

I know my view on the conflict between Israel and Hamas is incredibly naive. But so was the child’s view of the emperors new clothes. So here goes…

This bunch of terrorists live in a small country so inevitably there are a lot of civilians in close proximity. Most of these civilians want iswhat most of us want to do- enjoy a social life. But these terrorists don’t like what the bullies in the stronger land are doing- like nicking their land and taking their chance of survival away. So they throw rocks, sorry, rockets at the stronger land in the hope of making them go away. The stronger land however have defenses and the rockets bounce away causing a great deal of inconvenience but very little damage.

Stronger land hates all the inconvenience and says it will eradicate the terrorists and attacks those terrorists. They seem surprised that, as the terrorists live in a small country, lots of people who just want a quiet life and water and energy, are also affected. And killed.

Many of these are  children.

But, say the stronger country, we are under attack, what do you expect us to do? Sit back and let the terrorists pointlessly and ineffectually attack us? 

Yes. In most playgrounds, that would be the message. Can’t you see stronger land that more and more people are hating you? They may not want to, but you are forcing more and more people to support those terrorists throwing their rocks at you. Being stronger, you don’t have to fight back…

In the playground, you would be advised to move away; that is the action of a stronger land. 

Unfortunately, one of the teachers on the playground- let us call him Uncle Sam for now- favours the stronger land and does nothing to interfere…

And so the circle continues- terrorists throw soft sponges at stronger land who see these as rocks and throw back boulders which hit those who want a quiet life and see the only way to avoid that is to join the terrorists.

The playground is in mayhem. No end is in sight.

So it goes.

Unless….. the stronger land could stop throwing boulders. The Terrorists’ rocks would eventually seem pointless. What? we are getting no reaction? Oh? Shall we talk?

Someone needs to be brave.



Number 2 in a series of abstract photos based on landscapes.

From August 2012 Will have a go at more of these- when it’s not as hot..

Bottle opener.

The aggregation of marginal gains. The team prepare for the London to Brighton bike ride

Poppy update. 11/06/14

Promise. Last week.

Today, beauty unfurled.